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UV protection makeup base improves the adherence of makeup!

Target Audience:

- Customers who want to tidy up skin texture before base makeup

- Customers who want a long lasting makeup without correcting makeup often due to excessive sebum

- Customers who want a makeup base with refreshing and moisturizing afterfeel.

- Customer who want a makeup base with UV blocking benefit.

1. Concept

The moisturizing refreshing UV protection makeup base improves the adherence of makeup



[Wrinkle Care, Whitening & UV Blocking cosmetic]

- Silky Blooming Powder provides a smooth bright skin base and Sebum Control Powder improves the sustaining power of makeup by absorbing excessive sebum.

- Silky Booming Powder: Fine porous powder makes skin texture feel smooth, and flat powder brightens the skin with a light reflection effect

- Sebum Control Powder: Porous powder that absorbs excessive sebum due to fine pores

Key Ingredients

The ingredients of Bamboo Leaf extract and Aloe Vera Leaf extract keep the skin moisturized and refreshing.

- Bamboo Leaf extract : The ingredients of Phenol, Amino acids, Organic acids and Saccharides make the skin look bright, moisturized, and smooth.

- Aloe Vera Leaf extract : Aloe contains full of moisture provides excellent moisture to the skin.

Apple Flower extract soothes the skin, and Rosa Centifolia Flower extract provides vitality to tired skin.

- Apple Flower extract : Kaempferol, a substance of polyphenol soothes the skin with its anti-inflammatory effect.

- Rosa Centifolia Flower extract : It revitalizes tired skin with 20 times more Vitamin A than tomatoes, 20 times more Vitamin C than lemons and 8 times more estrogen than pomegranates.

How to use

Before use, shake the container 3-5 times. Evenly apply an appropriate amount on the face in the direction of the skin texture.