MISSHA Porefection BB Cream

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BB Cream to help cover pores densely with refreshing finish

Target Audience:

- Who are concerned of pores or fine wrinkles

- Who want to make clean skin texture without using pore primer

- Who want to have a light and refreshing skin makeup without sticky feel


BB Cream helps cover pores densely with refreshing finish.

SPF30 / PA++ (Wrinkle care, Whitening & UV Blocking Cosmetic)


1) Remove blemishes, pore eraser

Pore control formula covering pores and fine wrinkles densely helps make skin texture smooth without blemishes.

2) Bright skin

Lighting powder clearing sebum and brightening skin helps brighten skin for long without darkening.

3) Refreshing care cover

How to use

Take an appropriate amount and apply in the direction of the skin texture by using brush or puff, and gently tap to promote absorption into the skin.

Tip) If you reapply on the spots like around nose or cheek where you are concerned about pores or wrinkles, you can make cleaner and more smooth skin texture.