MISSHA Near Skin Trouble Cut Spot Solution

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Low irritant skin care series suitable for acne-prone skin

Target Audience:

- Who want spot after care with less irritation

- Who want local areas to care with concentration

- Who have sensitive skin weak for external stimuli

- Who need skin care products suitable for acned skin


Spot solution intensely cares sensitive and concerned local areas

l Test on non-comedogenic completed l

Test on skin irritation completed / Suitable for acned skin


1) Care main elements of trouble with balance

 - ‘Derma Clear Formula,’ a main ingredient of trouble cut line made of nature-oriented ingredients, diagnoses and causes of trouble and solve the problems with balanced cares.

2) Test on non-comedogenic & skin irritation completed

- It is safe to use for acned skin due to the completion of non-comedogenic and skin irritation test.

3) Care sensitive local areas by containing 3% of Panthenol that helps soothe skin and 2% of Niacinamide (Whitening effect) that helps brighten skin tone.

Key Ingredients

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Near Skin Trouble Care Step