MISSHA Near Skin Trouble Cut Spot Clear Kit

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Price : RM8.95 /Ethanol Swab: 10pcs, Spot Patch: 36pcs (10mm round type: 12pcs / 12mm round type: 24pcs) RM17.90 Discount: 50%
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Low irritant skin care series suitable for acne-prone skin

Target Audience:

- who wants to protect affected area (trouble spot) during outdoor activity

- who wants to prevent the spot from scar

- who wants patch which is very adhesive and looks natural even after make-up  


Spot clear kit which enables to protect and to care damaged area hygienically.

- Ethanol Swab: 10pcs (2x5)

- Spot patch: 36pcs (diameter 10mm*12pcs / diameter 12mm*24pcs)




1) Protect and care damaged skin or wound

- It helps to protect and to care damaged skin by absorbing exudates of the affected area from external stimuli.

2) Dome-type round patch

- It looks natural and does not detach easily during outdoor activity with its round shape and thin edge.

3) Practical spot care kit

- Practical spot care kit with Ethanol swab for disinfection and two kinds of spot patch.

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