MISSHA Super Aqua Oil Clear Emulsion

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MISSHA Super Aqua Oil Clear series is for oily skin with deficient moisture.

It helps take care of excessive sebum secretion and an inner taut feel all at once by restoring the skin’s oil and moisture balance.


Emulsion for oily skin to help make shiny skin feel refreshed and matt by controlling sebum.

Maximize the skin's moisture, minimize oily skin!

It makes the skin texture feel smooth and soft by controlling sebum while providing moisture to the skin.

Promoting matte skin by controlling excessive sebum!

Containing Witch Hazel Water which is contained instead of purified water, makes shiny skin caused by excessive sebum secretion feel refreshed and soft.

Safe for sensitive skin as it’s free of ethanol!

The product is free of ethanol, so it is safe to use on oily skin lacking moisture which may become dry after skincare for oily skin and it is gentle on sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients
  1. Witch Hazel Water: Controlling excessive sebum
  2. Unripe Fruits Extract: Keeping oil and moisture balance
  3. Tea Tree Leaves Extract: Refreshing skin
  4. Sea Weeds Extract: Caring pore
How to use

After using toner, take an appropriate amount and apply it over the face. Pat lightly to be fully absorbed.