MISSHA The Original Tension Pact (Natural Cover SPF37/PA++)

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Tension pact with elastic tension net to help express sleek and vital skin for long time

1. Concepts

*Natural Cover

Tension Pact Natural Cover to help make sleek and firm skin with natural coverage and light adherence

How to use

1. Big size puff of 56mm helps quick makeup

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Enough for 4 times!


2. “Big” Puff that has perfect adherence without lump

Middle sponge is thinner than original puff, so its absorbed amount is halved but it can apply contents double!

Ruby cell fabric of high density helps apply contents lightly and adhere over the skin with better adherence.  


Due to its creamy texture, the contents could be leant to one side.

When you use it for fist time, because its essence component comes out first, the texture could be watery. Please test it on the hands 2~3 times before use.